Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thunder Storms

I have always enjoyed thunder storms.  The sound of the thunder in combination with the rain has always thrilled me.  A couple of times in my life I have also been extremely close (a few feet at most) from where lightning has struck.  I was never harmed by it.  Mostly it was the tree around me that was hit and toppled.  But it is still quite the thing to see.  

So when I heard the words, "When lightning bursts from the ground you will know the Divine Dance of Power", it struck me as odd.  Since when does lightning burst from the GROUND?  It took years for me to discover that it actually does.

When it did, it was amazing!  Pink and blue lightning burst out of the ground about a mile away.  First on one side and then on the other.  As it did the air took on a strange hue and energy.  The hair on my body stood up and it felt like I was on another planet for a moment.  I was about a quarter mile from my house so it took a little while for me to get inside.  The bursts happened not once but twice.  I can't say I was ever frightened by it.  I was simply enjoying the experience.  It was only later that I thought that, even if I did get toasted, what an amazing way to go that would have been!  I don't know the exact location that it came out of the ground, as it seemed close (about a mile) but who knows?  Human perception can be tricky when it comes to things in the air.  I just feel blessed that I was there in that moment and got to witness it!

Blessed Be