Saturday, March 29, 2008

Creation Manifestation

Many people talk about manifesting things in their lives. Manifestation is one of the many gifts that Spirit has given us. But we also need to understand how that gift works so that we can use it efficiently. It is similar to receiving your first stereo from your parents at Christmas time or for your birthday. It is one thing to own it, but another thing to actually know how to use it.

First off, there is a difference in manifestation styles. One style is that of Affinity manifestation. With Affinity manifestation we know that what we seek to posses is “out there” and all we need to do is draw it to us and then we will have it. The difficulty with this concept is that we have within it the ingrained belief in lack. If it is “out there” then it is not within our realm of existence. This basic belief then delays the process of creating it in our realm.

Then there is Creation Manifestation. This one is my favorite because it works so quickly. With Creation manifestation we know and understand that we are at one with the Universal force. As this oneness (the true meaning of Atonement is at-one-ment) moves through us we allow what we are manifesting to unfold from within us. So we do not “seek” what we don’t believe we have. We allow what already is to unfold, thus appear in the physical realm. This is very much the concept of “praying rain” which is in a previous entry. So if we need transportation in the form of a new to us vehicle, we allow ourselves to feel what it is like driving that vehicle and feeling safe and secure on the road. Next thing you know, that vehicle comes into our lives in a very affordable way. We see ourselves as prosperous and prosperity embraces us. We see ourselves as worthy and everyone treats us that way. None of this lack stuff is ever involved in creation manifestation.

Most of us do a combination of these styles. That is okay, so long as we are completely conscious of the difference in styles and how they need to work in order to work well for us.
Blessed Be

Avoiding Sorrow

“The legs of a duck, although short, cannot be lengthened without hurting the duck. And the legs of a crane, although long, cannot be shortened without hurting the crane. So what is long by nature should not be shortened; what is short by nature should not be lengthened. All sorrow is thereby avoided.” Chuang-tzu

I find this quote interesting. First off, I think any insecure male should read it because it completely puts into perspective any penis envy he may or may not have. But this is not just useful for men. It is useful for anyone who has ever felt less than perfect just the way they are. We live in a culture of constant messages about how imperfect we are. The plastic surgery industry has made a killing on these insecurities. There is a time and a place for such things as plastic surgery. When we get into an accident that has left us disfigured, it is nice to have a plastic surgeon on hand. When I had a cyst growing on my back, it was nice to have someone who could remove it and not leave a huge scar. That someone, by the way, was extremely excited to find out that I am a shaman. He had been reading about folks like me for years. Although I was internally mortified about being referred to a plastic surgeon, I was then aware of the perfect alliance with the Universe as a result of this experience. When he asked me if I wanted to see what came out of my back I said “yes” and then upon seeing it said, “Oh, I know exactly who that is”. He asked who and I said it was the chip on my shoulder that I had been carrying regarding my father. He laughed and said he got that completely.

We need to spend time with ourselves to increase our self-awareness. This does not mean to become secluded in some mountain top temple away from the rest of humanity. Anyone can find peace this way. It is the exceptional person who can find peace in the middle of humanity, with all its flaws and beautiful imperfections. We need to let go of comparing ourselves to everyone else and everything else. This comparison only stresses us out and leaves us feeling empty inside instead of full and vibrant. I know for some this may sound weird, but every morning I look at myself naked in the mirror and tell my reflection how much I love him. He is now beginning to believe me. It has taken a very long time (45 years) but it was worth the time it took. I walk with my shoulders straighter and my chin up and feel alive again. This is a much better alternative to what was experienced before he began to believe me.

Blessed Be


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What Can't Be Seen

A Zen way of being says, “A wise man hears what makes no sound and sees what has no form.” It is amazing to me how much of the natural and spirit world goes unnoticed by the majority of people. Those of us who do notice are often told we must be nuts for thinking that we see or hear whatever it is we are perceiving at the time.

It is important to acknowledge to ourselves that we are gifted with the sight. Without it the world would have no one to help it along the way of discovery. Imagine what it would have been like in the world if we continued to assume that the Earth was the center of the universe and that everything else around it revolves around this chunk of rock on which we live. It is not as though mankind isn’t egocentric enough already, but to have that view still unchallenged would make us tip the scales completely!

So how important it must be to acknowledge those around us who perceive what has no sound or form. Let’s use earthbound spirits as an example. Some of them could very easily be eased into the Light if they had help addressing their issues. Granted, some don’t want the help. But those who do are in dire need to cross over. Those of us who see and hear them and can communicate with them can help them in a multitude of ways, both big and small, to make that journey.

So what use is that to the rest of the world? Well, just to mention a few, some folks might find that they sleep better at night without all the commotion either in their dreams or in their living spaces. Some may find that they begin to feel healthier more quickly. Some might find that they can finally move on from the death of a loved one. But without the assistance, many are left with unresolved issues, both in the physical world and in the spirit world. This then can ripple down the line for seven generations or so.

I am giving a workshop on the 3rd of May called Spirit Beings. In this workshop I hope to help participants to open their consciousness to the communication that awaits them on the spirit plane. I look forward to this experience because any time I have assisted in this with individuals, the healing has been profound.
Blessed Be


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Strength and Kindness

"A kind man is a strong man. But a strong man is not necessarily a kind man." Confuscious.

In many ways I do agree with this statement. Some of the strongest people I know are also the kindest people I know. But there have also been some very strong folks who are cold and hard and unkind. I prefer to hang out with the former and leave the latter behind.

Someone said to me the other day that I am one of the most compassionate people she knows and this is why she feels completely safe with me when doing healing work. My compassion has apparently helped her to build a level of trust within herself and with me. I feel honored that she feels this way. And I fully intend to live up to that. In a world where it is difficult to sometimes trust members of one's own family, it is very nice to find trust within and around us.

Deer is one of my power animals. It is the one that brings trust and gentleness into any situation. This wonderful animal has gently molded me into a caring person. Considering some of the dysfunction that I grew up with, I could easily have become cold and hard in my heart. But Deer would not have that. And neither would some of the most wonderful people that I have known. Each and every one of them has taught me more each day about the capacity of a loving heart to share the love and heal the hurts. I hope that I will be able to pass this on to my children and to anyone I encounter in life. The more love we experience and ripple forth into the world, the more peace and harmony there will be.

Blessed Be


Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Winds of Change

For those of you who don't know me, I am an Air elemental. I belong to the Butterfly Clan, according to the Medicine Wheel. We often do 10 things all at one time and multi task with that very well. We are expansive thinkers and very sociable creatures. All of this is wonderful, for a Butterfly Clan person. However, we can also change with the wind. And when we do, we can drive other elementals around us crazy. Just when you think those butterfly wings are nailed down, poof! We flutter off and don't come back for quite some time. We are too busy socializing to be nailed down to anything.

This is actually a delightful medicine to carry. You see, most people find change to be something that threatens them. They have gotten stuck in the fight or flight aspects of reality. Butterfly Clan people take empty handed leaps into the unknown and find ourselves with either a nice solid place to land or with wings that help us learn how to fly more efficiently.

I have recently taken such a leap. I have also experienced the judgement involved in taking that leap. Some find it to be extremely threatening to their paradigm of reality. They respond with hostility and uncertainty about who I am and what I am about. I feel that if they ever really knew me at all, they would have realized that their opinion of me matters little to me. So I am not that concerned by them.

What I am very impressed with is the amount of support that I have received from the community at large. Some have been in exactly my situation and have been way too afraid to do anything about it. They admire my courage. Some are in awe of the fact that I can do what I have to and still do it in a harmonious fashion. And most are very happy for me. These are people who "get it" when it comes to life and matters of the heart. And I just want to put out there that each and every one of them means a lot to me. This is not just because of the support (although that is wonderful in and of itself) but because they are on the journey and having the same challenges and struggling with the same issues. They, like me, are human. They are not caught up in the dogma of expectations. They are simply trying to do what is right for them. So to all of you out there, I thank you. Go gently.

Blessed Be


Thursday, March 6, 2008

In the Midst of Chaos

We all have days where it would be absolutely wonderful if we could move away and live about 7 hours from everywhere. Of course, I don't do plumbing, heating, electrical or mechanical, so the thought of roughing it is actually a little scary now. I used to camp a LOT and now I like my amenities. So why the draw to "get away from it all"?

Well, I think that it is the innate feeling of wanting to achieve inner peace. But escapism is not inner peace. It is only escapism. The true accomplishment of inner peace comes when we are able to experience it inside ourselves no matter what the chaos is all around us. Anyone who has children will understand that concept. You grab as many moments of peace as you can get while they are running around, yelling and screaming with glee at the top of their voices.

Rosemary Wells wrote a children's book called "The First Tomato". This is one that I would highly recommend for everyone, no matter what age they are. Every now and then, we simply need an escape to the "Bunny Planet". This is actually not escapism, but a form of deep meditation that allows us to experience all the good feelings inside while having an incredibly rough day. So take a trip to the Bunny Planet. It is free and it is an excellent journey!

Blessed Be