Sunday, August 18, 2013

Full Moon Drum Circle

This is the altar that I created for the Full Moon Drum Circle last night.  It was one of the better circles.  Not that there are bad circles, but sometimes the synergy surpasses previous circles.  This one's synergy did just that.
The altar was placed in the centre of the Medicine Wheel in my back yard.  It consisted of a bird bath that doubles as many things but is no longer used as a bird bath.  Into the centre of the bird bath I placed a concrete globe, which I use to represent the Moon.  Then Holy Water was put into the bowl and then flower blossoms were added to the water.  In the four directions there was a crystal placed on the ledge, directing the energy of the blossoms to each direction. 
The ceremony was simple.  The moon is associated with the Divine Feminine and with emotions, the water element, and the soul.  Over the last number of months I have been noticing that many people have been "soul searching" and trying to find out who they truly are on a deep soul level.  So the ceremony was honoring that search, but from a different perspective, that being the perspective of who we already KNOW we are on a deep soul level.  This then serves to assist in the further search for who we are and who we are becoming on a soul level.  Each individual took turns going up to the altar and stating, "On a deep soul level, I know myself to be ..... "  (fill in the blank).  As they did so they put drops of Holy Water onto the Moon stone.  Those drops absorbed into the stone or drizzled down the stone to become one with the pool of Holy Water in the bowl.  Then we drummed that energy to Spirit in celebration!
At the end, we also took turns placing our left palm on the Moon stone with the right palm placed on our hearts and affirmed, "I follow the Path of the Heart", which is the path of personal authenticity and integrity.  Over the next 24 hours after the ceremony the evaporation process would take all that positive energy into the Air and spread it all around our community and the world at large!  This would create a ripple effect to help all those who are on the soul search but who were not a part of the drum circle or who don't even know that such circles exist.  It is always important to have that positive energy ripple forth!
The added bonus: A beautiful Hawk flew over us twice at very low altitude, checking us out!  This is very fortuitous, in that Hawk is the Messenger of Great Spirit on a spiritual level.  I just LOVE IT when the power animals take part like that!
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

All Inked Up

So these are my tattoos.  So far.  They are both located on the inside of the forearm.  I never thought that I would be the type who would get tattoos.  Then one day I was told that some of the symbols and images that I have a habit of drawing on my body should be there in a more permanent way.  Who told me that?  Spirit of course.  These are the first 2 of a few that I will be getting.  They are unique and totally my design, although the tattoo artist can now say that the images belong to her because she has put them on my body, which is her canvas.  I don't really care.  It is not like they will be useful to anyone else who puts them on their bodies.  Not in the same way they are useful to me.  You see, they are not just images.  They access certain energies that then emit from my being.
That is why I have not had any of my power animals tattooed on my person.  I don't want to anchor them when in ethereal format they can move around and leave me and then come back to me energetically.  But these ones actually activate certain energies withing me.  Those energies then get put to use and when they are done they become dormant once again until the next activation. 
I know that this sounds hinky for some.  I don't care.  The proof is in the pudding.
I am happy with them and that is what counts.  Anyone who has a negative opinion about them can keep that opinion to themselves because I don't need their approval at all.  As my eldest daughter says, "At fifty years old, Dad, I would think that you know what you are doing and that this is not just a phase you are going through."  Gotta love that logic!
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