Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stairway to Heaven

We all have those days when it seems we are climbing an endless staircase. The journey has already been exhausting and we are dead tired, but we can't stop now so we plug away at the staircase, unsure of where, exactly it is headed. When I have those days I go to my Portal Portrait and sit and gaze at it. As you can see from the photo, it has the set of stairs. I have titled this one Portal Portrait #1 Stairway to Heaven. Along the edge of the stairway are pillars. It felt right to have them there for support. But the top of the stairway leads to....who knows? A Portal Portrait helps us to bridge the gap between this dimension and other dimensional consciousness. This one in particular always inspires me to lift myself up to a higher level of consciousness and to see things from an overview perspective.

I am reminded by it as well that there is only so much we can do all on our own. So if I can be of service in someone else's climb, then I will be one of their pillars. And while I am doing my own climb I am grateful for those who have become pillars for me. Perhaps when I reach the top and look down upon everything I will notice that it all seems so small now. Perhaps with one more step I will discover that I can actually fly and will never again need to take the journey step by step but instead with soaring wings! Either way, I know that every step that has thus far been taken is an important one. Each step along the way has taught me something and inspired within me some aspect of myself that was before unknown. I have, as a result of the journey become something more than I came into this world originally being. Whether I change the world with one big glorious act or with one simple kindness at a time, my presence will not go unnoticed. I will remain grounded and secure while at the same time reaching new heights.

Where are you at in you journey today?

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

The last two steps at the top of the staircase appear to be set at odds with the others. Is this to show that the further along the staircase we go the more we learn to rely upon our 'inner senses' to keep us on an even keel, rather than on our physical ones? Perhaps learning to maintain our balance while treading upon the uneven steps is a precursor to reaching the inevitable moment when we spread our wings and lift off from the solidity of those steps to fly off into the Unknown, where adventure awaits!

Trent Deerhorn said...

That was not necessarily the intent of the artist (that being me) but I can certainly see what you are saying, so maybe unconsciously that is what it was all about....Yea!

VibrationalV said...

I love this portait, but I want to fly now! Rather, I'm just plodding along, step by step, and trying to remember to enjoy the journey. It is interesting though, that my Mom sees this portait as an adventure down into the depths of the ocean - ahh, water elemntals; to each their own!

Trent Deerhorn said...

Yes, when I crated it I was not wanting to be very specific as to whether it was going up or down, that way anyone can enjoy it from their own perspective. If I were to "defog" it you would also see a moon either in the sky or in the water as a reflection...