Sunday, February 21, 2010

How Eye See It

I need new glasses. The bottom half of my progressive lenses needs to be a wee bit stronger. Hopefully that will make things appear sharper. While getting a new prescription does not bother me, as I would rather see than not see, the task of choosing new frames is daunting. I would like something different than what I currently have. Don't get me wrong. I believe I blogged a couple of years ago about how wonderful it was to find my Prada frames! It is just that I am tired of the weight of them on my face and would prefer something lighter.

The challenge that I have is that I can't see the frames I am trying on because, well, I need my glasses to see. So my Love and I went shopping around yesterday and I had her take photos of me in the different frames so I can look at them from a more distant perspective and choose which one looks best on me. So far, after numerous tries, there is no winner. How can I try on so many frames and not get the same "Ahhh, that's better" feeling that I did when I tried on the Prada frames years ago?

And then there is the issue of style. Glasses frames say a lot about a person's style. It is one of the first things others notice when they look at you. They are on your face all the time, except when you are sleeping... well.... unless you count that time in the hay loft.... but I do digress. For me choosing glasses frames is more important than choosing a car. I know I don't spend near as much money on the frames, but I wear the frames, not the car.

So now I continue on with my quest for the perfect frames. I know where I don't want to visit again, that being a particular store with a sales person who had the personality of a cold fish. It amazes me how anyone can stay in business when their workers are like that. Who knows? Perhaps she was the one who owned the franchise. SOMETHING to show that you are even remotely interested in your clientele!! Anyway, the search goes on and the world keeps spinning. Hopefully I can find a pair of frames before the spinning stops!

Blessed Be
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Vanitha said...

Good luck in getting "framed"!..."Hay Loft"???

Anonymous said...

If you're searching for that same feeling as when you first tried on your Prada frames--well, they're Prada! I'm afraid everything will pale in comparison...

Gail said...

Forget the corrective lenses and Prada frames, just get bigger eyes. They worked great for Little Red's wolfgranny.