Saturday, May 15, 2010


It is always important to remember that throughout our lives we will find many people, some of whom we like and some of whom we do not, who are all reflections of ourselves.  We get all caught up in the human drama of who we like and who we don't and why and so on and so on.  The thing is we all need love.  Sometimes those that we dislike the most are giving us our largest lessons, even when we least expect it.

So the next time we find ourselves saying out loud or in our heads things like "I can't stand that guy" or "I just hate that person's energy" or some such thing, let's take a time out and look at what that person is reflecting back to us.  Perhaps we are also just a little bit like that one. Maybe, even though we don't want to admit it, we are sometimes as dark or devious for different reasons.  And it just may be that this person is here to help us acknowledge just how far we have come from the antics that this person is still trapped in.

Blessed Be


Anonymous said...

yes, you're right I think. There are 2 people in my office that I'm really having trouble with, and so i'm trying to figure out what I'm supposed to learning out of this. One woman seems a lot like me, actually, so that's been interesting. The other one, well, I think he's just a young know-it-all with too much authority (maybe I'm supposed to learn some humility?). Jury's still out....

Gail said...

I dislike being shown and/or reminded of my darker capabilities as much as the next person, since these reflections poke holes in the carefully crafted personas we hide within when in the company of others. Knowing this about ourselves, however, gives us the knowledge that everyone else in our world is doing the same thing. For that, we and they can be forgiven.
The more we learn as we follow the paths of our hearts, the lighter we become; the lighter the spirit, the easier it is to rise above the energy sucking junk we deal with in our everyday lives.