Thursday, May 6, 2010

That's Just the Beginning!

I think my favorite part of my weekend trip to Montreal last weekend was watching the children around the fountain at the Desjardins Shopping Centre. You see, the fountain had several different patterns to the water flow. In this photo it is doing what I call the "Eight Sisters" pattern. But right after this pattern there would be a shot of water that would reach about three stories up in the middle. This would be immediately followed by a second shot that would go six stories up and almost touch the inside of the domed skylight! It was thrilling to watch as an adult, but the most fun was seeing the reactions of the children watching it. They would squeal and dance and jump for joy when it shot up! What fun. I sat and had my morning coffee in a cafe that was open to the Centre and laughed out loud at some of the reactions in the children. Some of the adults were hardened to such delights. One little girl's grandma was insisting that they didn't have time to watch any longer and, much to my delight, the girl was able to convince her to sit down on a bench and wait for one more gusher shot. It was quite the entertainment.

Blessed Be
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