Thursday, April 21, 2011

Frogs Return Moon

As promised, here I am blogging about the moons of the Medicine Wheel once again. We have just entered the Frogs Return Moon (April 20-May 20). This is the moon that carries with it the medicine of total emergence. It is a time when our inner capabilities shine through and pull us out of the rut we have been in over the last few months.

The power animal that adopts those born during this time is the Beaver. This power animal brings with it the medicine of industry. The busy beaver is always actively doing things to feed and shelter the family. Family is the most important thing to beaver people. It is also important that the beaver dam have many entrances and exits. This is a safety issue in nature, but it is also a security issue in a beaver person. The last thing a beaver person wants to feel in a relationship or in a job is "trapped". These are also people who are meticulous in everything they undertake. Just as a beaver will carefully measure the length of the log it is shaping for the dam so that the log is exactly the length from the beaver's nose to its tail, a beaver person will pay infinite attention to the details of what they are doing. These are the types of people you want to hire to build your house or do a renovation or plan a wedding! Those born during the Frogs Return Moon are also members of the Turtle Clan, so they are Earth elementals. This means that things will develop slowly but surely and with thorough attention to details.

The plant totem for those born in this moon is the Blue Camas, which is a wild onion. If one is out in nature and sees an onion growing it is important to know what color the blossom of that onion is, so that you know if it is edible or poisonous. The White Camas is a white blossomed onion that is deadly, thus earning it the nickname "Death Camas". The Blue Camas has the blue blossoms. Here is the confusing thing though...they grow side by side! Aha! Nature's little trickery! Well, find the patch in spring and watch for the blossoms. Tag the blue ones so that you can come back when the blossoms have fallen off (thus the nutrients are in the onion) and pick at that time. When in doubt, leave it in the ground. The Blue Camas is wonderful for feeding the endocrine system and is excellent in soups and stews.

The Chrysocolla is the mineral totem for this moon. It is a cousin of the turquoise and its energy is excellent for feminine reproductive system imbalances and for inter dimensional travel/consciousness. It can help you to attune to the Earth consciousness and communicate with the spiritual forces of the Earth.  It can help heal things such as the pancreas and blood disorders.  It can help to ameliorate disorders of the lungs and bronchial tubes.  It also is a positive energy force for the home, releasing from the environment negative energies and inviting in the positive energies.

So there you have it. Explore and enjoy!

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

So much information packed into this one post! We haven't heard the frogs singing around our place yet, so I'm assuming they're still thawing out...