Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We so often will find ourselves changing what we do or who we are in order to accommodate a person in our lives, or our cultural or societal expectations.  What we really need to do is maintain our own inner altar.  We need to stick to our paths and progress along them as we are meant to.  Instead of altering our paths to accommodate others, we need to make alterations to our paths that will help us to enrich the paths we are on. 

For example, we can decide that it is in our best interest to eat healthier (whatever that may mean for the individual) and make alterations to our path that includes healthier eating.  We really don’t want to alter what we eat just because someone else is expecting us to eat a certain way, even if they have the best of intentions in suggesting it.  “You need to lose weight to be healthier” is a typical thing that most women and some men have experienced.  Unless that is coming from a physician who is worried about your heart, scrap the thought.  If you are fit and limber and feeling good, then it really doesn’t matter what body “type” anyone else expects you to accomplish or maintain.

We also do not need to quit our jobs and go running off with the new hottie to their city of choice.  The hottie can move here if he or she is interested in having a relationship with us.  I have known for a long time that the city in which I live is the one I was meant to live in.  Nothing will make me move from here unless it is something that will further enrich my path.  I just hope that my kids, should they move away, choose locations that are really nice to visit!  And I would never want them to stay here for the sake of making me more comfortable.  That would be altering their paths to accommodate my expectations.  No way!  Fly, little black bird, fly!

Blessed Be


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