Monday, June 13, 2011

The Mystical

I have been doing a lot of outdoor gardening of late. I find that the more I connect with nature, the more I connect with my inner mystical being. In honor of my inner mystical being, I created this mask a few years ago. for me, it represents the connection to earth and sky, fire and water, and a deep psychic connection to all the realms of the universe. We can all connect with the many realms, we just need to train ourselves to do this...without the use of psychotropic drugs and "medicine" plants. People get too dependent upon these substances. The mind does not really need them, other than perhaps once to open the doorway. After that, the use of them is just laziness. I equate it to a perfectly functioning person always having to push the handicap button on the door to make it open for them instead of just reaching out and pushing or pulling the door. We don't need the crutch. We simply need to do the slightest effort of work and there it is.

Some people freak out when they see my mask. They see the beauty, but also feel the intensity. That is why I don't usually have it displayed. I want folks to feel comfortable in my healing space. Now that I have written that, however, I also think it may be time to bring it out again. If nothing else, it will adorn my altar with a reminder of what is naturally within us all.

Blessed Be

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