Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Apple Tree

Some of you may recognize this tree.  I have taken a photo of it before in the autumn and it was with bright gold leaves that looked like sunlight sparkling in a golden crown around the tree.  This time it is in full bloom with beautiful white blossoms that are so fragrant that I can smell them a block away. 

As you all know, I walk my dog every day.  So the delight that cam over me when I rounded the corner of the ally and discovered the full blooms on the tree in the small park was an added bonus to the walk.  I couldn't wait for my four legged friend to get done with her "business" so that I could snap some photos and walk over and commune with this delightful friend. 

I am so grateful for the wonders of nature.  Every day, even in the city, if you have open eyes that are willing to see the magic all around you, you will find something amazing.  Things like this bring me such joy in life.  I know that they are simple things, but are not the simplest things the most delightful?  A blooming tree, a baby's smile, a dog's chin on your lap, a beautiful bird flying by....these are all simple things and they are all delightful.

Blessed Be
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Grandma Penny said...

Nice to see the blog active again. There is a tree on Cameron Ave. in Brevoort Park that will take your breath away. Go over and see it in the front yard soon before the blossoms disappear! Take your camera.