Wednesday, May 16, 2012

While on the Dog Walk

 While on my dog walk every morning I find the most fascinating things.  For example, there are these trees in one of the parks that we walk through.  I have altered the photo so that you can see (sort of) what they do.  They have this energy field that reaches out and embraces passers buy.  I first noticed this when I changed my course one day and saw ahead of us this person who was walking past them and then the energy of the trees reached out and embraced him.  He slowed, but did not stop.  Then a woman coming toward us was embraced.  She just stopped, turned and looked at the trees, then continued walking.  By the time my dog and I were at the trees I was ready and willing.  And there it was....the embrace!  We stopped and just stood there for I don't know how long.  It felt wonderful to have such unconditional love flow through me.  My dog also seemed to really like it.  She didn't fuss or fidget, she just stood there and experienced it with me.  Then the energy contracted back to the trees and we made our way home.  But before we left I was able to place a small object at the base of the trees as a token of gratitude.  I absolutely love having experiences like that!

Blessed Be


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Golden Grain Farm said...

I bet you do!
I wonder if this is something that happens often.
Anyway, thanks for sharing. I will definitely be thinking about this as I pass by the trees along my driveway and in my yard.

Vanitha said...

Wow! Beautiful and lucky dog!