Friday, August 8, 2008

Maintaining Connections

Every once in a while there is a moment that comes along where I realize that something has been missing. It could be the taste of the fabulous chocolate chip oatmeal cookies that our office manager bakes, or the scent of fresh fallen rain. Anything that subtly makes a world of difference. I experienced that today as I read some responses to my blog from someone that I had not heard from on the blog for a while. It is nice to have her back.

It brought to mind, however, how easy it is to lose track in our busy lives. I know that I certainly have not had as much time of late to do the blogging. And getting together for coffee? Well, let's just say that if it isn't crammed in as a chaser for my breakfast, I have not of late even had time to taste the coffee. This is tragic because I LOVE my coffee.

How often do we lose track of those we love because of our busy lives? If there is anyone in your life that you care about and whom you have not connected with lately, take some time right now to call that person up and say "hi". The time it takes to connect is not that much. The sorrow of completely losing a connection is never ending.

Blessed Be



Gail said...

I, too, have felt that not-so-subtle something missing in my world; a connection that makes a world of difference. I've felt adrift in a sea of other people's needs, wants and desires these past two weeks, and when I thought I had a moment or two to reconnect, something would be said to draw me back into the fray. Your blog has been the sliver of sanity during this time that has kept "the cheese from slipping off the cracker". Thanks!

Krymson said...

I too have felt a couple empty spaces in my life for the past while. Thoughts and memories do fill the void at times but certainly aren't enough, to say the least. I suppose life throws us the curves it does for very good reasons and we deal with the best we can. We all feel like the Tom Hanks character floating on the makeshift raft in the middle of the ocean, our hearts breaking as the only thing we have clung to drifts away and all we can do is reach out and scream "Willllsssonnnn!!" I hope that makes you giggle....cuz it should.....pretty silly of us. Tis ok long as we can laugh at ourselves....even when its know you're getting somewhere. So take that time out, before you drift too far off, and reconnect with whomever it is you've lost touch with. This life is too short.


Gail said...

Thank you - I needed a laugh today!!