Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Technology Can Be Useful

Now, one must remember that in reading this, you are reading something that is written by someone who is technically "archaic" and has a pretty primitive computer system. However, I do know how to use a calculator and I will if I am pushed to do so. So here is the thing. It would seem that my partner has been holding out on me a wee bit. I mentioned to her that I should look into getting an iPod for use as I walk to work. A walk is so much better when we have peppy tunes. She informs me that she has an iPod! She even knows what part of which drawer it is in! The woman is brilliant! She just waits till I mention a need or a desire and poof! it is fulfilled! She is an absolute Goddess!

So then the next thing is charging it up and downloading iTunes. I think the iTunes are downloaded, but the charge thing is taking what seems like forever. We will see how this goes and hopefully I will have tunes to walk with tomorrow morning. I know this might sound a bit superficial, but I also find that this sort of technology is quite enjoyable. Now, when I am out in the bush somewhere in the middle of nowhere, I don't expect to have an iPod stuck in my ears. But for walking to work...I am so looking forward to this. I also know that technology can save lives and that is why the MRI was invented and that this does not hold a candle to that sort of thing. But I like it anyway. I figure if it can make my life easier, then bring it on! And anyone who disagrees, well, all I can say is....go for a week without your dishwasher, moron!

Blessed Be




Lauren said...

You are so much braver than I ! I've been saying for the last several months that I need an iPod so I can listen to the music that I want whenever I want. I just haven't made that happen yet and being also techno-challenged there is the having to learn a new trick thing - downloading. And the time factor - the hours it seems to take finding the right tunes.

I am proud of myself for only very recently mastering the blog comment. Who knew it would take a dozen or so attempts?! Anyway, I consider myself part of the "in" crowd now, thank you very much. Yup, I'm cool!

KatieKate said...

Trent, your blog has been featured at Stubblejumpers Cafe, which can be seen here: http://stubblejumperscafe.pnn.com


Trent Deerhorn said...

Thanks Kate!

It is so nice to be appreciated and talked about!