Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm

The evening before last I spent about 40-45 minutes ironing clothes and hanging them up in the closet. Now, understand that I am not anal when it comes to ironing clothes. There are, however, some items in my closet that just do not come out of the dryer in a fashion that I think is presentable until touched up with an iron. About fifteen minutes or so after the iron was put away my Love and I were enjoying a peaceful evening when suddenly we hear from the bedroom a very loud crash! Not unusual, except that we weren't in there! So we went into the bedroom, fully expecting that the neighbour's bed had fallen through the ceiling or something. Everything looked like it had not been touched. That is, until my Love opened the closet door!

You got it. All my freshly washed and ironed clothes, with all the other clothes and linens in the closet are now all over the floor and covered in rock board dust that flew out of the walls when the braces gave way! The caretakers are on well-earned holidays this weekend, so they were unavailable to come and install the shelves and railings again on an emergency basis. So we went out and bought some portable clothes dollies, assembled them and installed them, after spending all evening vacuuming the dust and removing the all the mess from the closet that we can hardly get into because the shelf has jammed itself into the wall at a precarious angle.

So we are now late in the evening of day two of our mini disaster. The apartment is a total mess with clothes, shoes and linens all over the place while we fix this mess. It is getting to be about 1:15 in the morning and we are both tired as dogs. We need this fixed before the next morning as we have family from out of town coming to stay with us.

All this going on, and we only had harsh words once. Grumblings, yes, but only once with harsh words. And those harsh words were not cutting. They were simply emphatic expletives, and not at each other. And then we went on to working out what we needed to do to fix all of this. Intermingled with it all was a lot of laughter as well. After all, our apartment is absolutely spilling over with stuff from the closet and we have already gone through a number of purges just to make room for me moving in with her!

I think about how often people have shared with me how they split up with their partners because of some disaster that occurred in their home and things got all out of hand. I have had much bigger disasters happen in many homes I have lived in. What made this one bad was the timing and the amount of stuff that we were dealing with all at once, in a small space, while being tired and exhausted. And still, only harsh words once. I think that this is a pretty good average.

Blessed Be


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