Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank You

I was at my Medicine Wheel today and checking in with how the crystals and stones inside the Earth are doing with regard to the shift that they have been experiencing. They asked me if I would pass on a warm "thank you" to all of you who did the breathing meditation to help recreate the energy matrix of the Earth. They still need us to continue to do the work as there is much that still needs to be adjusted, but they wanted to communicate their gratitude to the two-leggeds who are their "helpers".

They also said that as a reward for our good work, we would find that we are being gifted with crystals and healing stones in the next while. I thought that was unnecessary, but they assured me that they wanted it this way. Then suddenly this afternoon a good friend gifted me with two pieces of pipe stone! If that isn't the icing on the cake!

Blessed Be
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