Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Third I

People often ask me how to open their third eye. I ask them if they also want to know how to close it. Most often they say, "no". To this I say, "Then I cannot in good conscience show you how to open it." They look confused by this, so I explain to them that opening the third eye and leaving it wide open all the time is a serious health risk.

You see, a chakra is a power centre. But part of the function of a power centre is to swirl and charge and receive energy. The thing is, if it is left wide open, that swirling and receiving is more like a vacuum that sucks in anything and everything. Yes, the chakras need to be healthy and strong, but they also need to be functional. It is a matter of allowing ourselves to become aware and use a higher consciousness, not just the consciousness of the mind or the subconscious, but to become the observer of the self who is in charge and can operate this meat suit that we call the body, chakras included. So we need to be able to open them at will and close them when their job is done. I don't mean to close them all the way. It is more like taking a full bloom back to bud form for a rest period, then opening it up to full bloom again when needed.

People also sometimes have ulterior motives to opening the third eye. They want to spy on others. This is ethically dark. This is a sacred aspect of the self and should not be abused in such a way. When one does abuse the power that comes with an open third eye, it bites them. The third eye is something that is meant to create deep introspection. It is the ability to see and observe what is within more than it is to perceive what is none of our business. With every power comes the need for an ethical application.

Blessed Be

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