Thursday, March 25, 2010

Learning Opportunities

"We cannot teach people anything. We can only help them discover it within themselves." Galileo.

I have sometimes had people ask me why it is that I did not tell them about some aspect of themselves, of which I was aware, long ago when I became aware of it. It is not like I have ever held out on information for people. It is just that sometimes they are just not in a place or space in which they are even wanting to look at stuff within. So I patiently wait until the time comes that they are ready.

I know when they are ready because they ask me a very direct question. It is not the type of question where one says something like, "Tell me everything". That is too broad and vague and impossible to cover. But when they say things like, "Why do you think it is that I am afraid of success?", well, then we're talkin'! The person is obviously ready since the question was direct and pointed. Until I hear a question like that I am only able to help them muddle through until the right questions begin to form in their minds and in their hearts. Once that happens, away we go! Very deep and profound healing can then take place. The person has now taken charge of their own healing and their own journey.

Seeing a shaman is not like getting into a taxi cab and saying "I don't know where I want to go, you just take over and drive now please." It is more like discovering how you can drive the vehicle yourself and then discovering that the vehicle is actually quite the powerful machine! Shiny and new and with perfect treads, it is the cat's meow of sports cars and can grip the road around any turn at optimal speed. But we, as shaman, don't just throw you into a sports car and say, "There you go, now drive it". We actually will help you learn the lessons of the rules of the road first, then give painstaking hands on instruction before we throw you the keys and let you hit the road. We, at least those of us who are responsible, want you to know to not drive drunk and that a stop sign actually means you come to a full stop. That way you don't end up creaming somebody and killing them or yourself.

Enough of the driving metaphors. The thing is that once the question is asked the answer is right there, just waiting to be heard. There is no way to actually share information that is not requested. Once the information is shared, then there are many discoveries within as a natural response to the information. Great wisdom can be achieved as these discoveries are put to good use. So next time you are sitting down with your favorite shaman, myself or whomever else, consciously ask the direct questions. Yes, you may get an "I don't know" answer, but at least that would be honest. You may, however, get some profound answers that you weren't expecting. Take the opportunity to listen, just listen. Then, take a deep breath and, without hesitation, ask the next question!

Blessed Be
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