Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Rock Star!

It has been a while since my last blog entry. I have been busy incorporating a very large learning curve! My friend interviewed me on her Youtube channel and before I knew it, I had one of my own! So now I am finding a new medium with which to reach out to the world. If you are interested in seeing my videos, just log onto and you will find my videos on there, as well as some really funky ones that I have favourited from other video channels.

The learning curve has to do with first off the adjustment of using video as opposed to literature to reach out and communicate. I am still not sure that I even like how I look in the videos, or even how I sound. But the information content is what I wanted to get out there, so I will put up with those things. Secondly, the learning curve has to do with just utilizing technology to take the video from my recording and post it into my youtube channel. I think I might have it down now. However, my dear friend, Beata, who interviewed me, has coached me now three times in how to do it and I am hoping that I don't need to call on her again for the next one. In one of the videos I do some drumming and chanting, and that is where the "Rock Star" title comes from for this post.

Sometimes I feel like my talent outweighs my skills when it comes to technology. I have been in bands and such before, and each time I have found that it works best if I just leave the tech stuff to the techs and get up to the microphone and do what I do. Over the years it has become quite easy to rely on others to do the things that thread it all together into a nice presentation. Now I'm on my own with the tech stuff and sometimes feel overwhelmed. I consider myself to be technologically challenged. Perhaps I now need to start considering myself to be technologically skilled so that all this stuff will come easier. I remember how challenged I felt when it came to blogging, and then when it came to using my merchant machine to process credit/debit cards for sessions. Now here I am in the youtube dimension and thinking to myself, "How the heck did I get here so fast?" I remember having a dream only a few months ago about making this blog entry and seeing in the back of my mind my youtube channel as I typed the entry into the blog. Now, so quickly, here it is. All I can say is.....WOW!

Blessed Be
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