Monday, February 14, 2011

Emerging Idjits

Okay, here we go.  I have another rant.  Ready?......
I was taking my Love to her dialysis appointment this morning and ended up in the merge lane behind a large half ton truck with doolie wheels on the back.  So we are merging onto the freeway and the idjit actually merges at 40km/hour in a 90km zone!

People!  And I hope none of my readers are guilty of this offense, but if you are then read and learn:
A merge lane onto a freeway is not a yield or stop intersection!  You get your sorry butt up to the speed of the traffic on the freeway and you do it frickin' quickly!!  If you are on the freeway and the merge lane is coming up with traffic merging, then move the heck over to the other lane so they can merge or make room for them to get in!  Stupidity does come in both lanes apparently.  And we wonder why accidents occur...sheesh.  There is no one on the road who owns any particular lane folks!  Nope, No one owns it!!  So get your sorry ass over!  Or speed up and move it into the lane into which you are merging!  You don't slow down to merge and you certainly don't yield or stop when merging.  You grow a set, put your big boy or big girl undies on, and BOOT IT!

For the love of God and all that's good, would people just for once learn how to drive?!  God forbid you ever get into a larger centre than ours, you would create a 20 car frickin' pileup!

Blessed Be

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Anonymous said...

Hello my friend--I read this yesterday and then thought of you this morning as I drove to work and tried to merge into traffic. I'm always the one pushing the pedal to the metal, but that large bus did give me pause today!

Hope all's well.