Monday, February 28, 2011

The Big Winds Moon

Well, if anyone has looked outside or stepped outside in our area of the world, they will understand what is meant by the Big Winds Moon! The blizzard that it is blowing in is nasty to the point where I turned around on the highway this morning and came back home. Zero visibility is simply too crazy to risk driving in. So what is the purpose of the Big Winds anyway?

Well, the winds at this time of year actually serve the purpose of moving the trees around. That movement of the trees helps to gently work the roots in the ground so that the frozen ground gets shifted around the roots. This loosens everything up so that the soil is soft in the spring and when the melting happens, the nutrients are able to get to the tree roots faster. Cool, huh? It is all about preparation. That is the actual medicine of the Big Winds Moon. People born during this moon (Feb 19-March 20) tend to, when in balance, be some of the most well-prepared people in any given situation. They are the boy scouts and girl scouts of the Medicine Wheel.

Part of that preparation aspect of their personalities has to do with the fact that the Cougar is the power animal that adopts individuals born during this time. The Cougar is the power animal that brings the medicine of great Leadership. A Cougar person will not randomly do things just for the fun of it...not when they are responsible for so many others in their lives. After all, being a good leader has more to do with what is good for all the people, not just the individual agendas of small groups of people.  Like the cougar will approach a ravine, assess it, backtrack another 20 paces and sit there and contemplate jumping across the ravine, the cougar person will also prepare for such things with as much diligence. Once prepared, the cougar will take a running leap, fly through the air, tail perfectly balancing its body for the mid-air journey, and then land perfectly on the other side. Once it knows that it can do this, then any other time it comes towards the same ravine it will know ahead what it did last time and simply keep running and jump...perfectly. Once the jump has become mastered, the Cougar person will also allow that to lead into quantum leaping through life.

Cougar people tend to be the types who are very independent and don't care very much about the minor needs of the individuals around them. They are more concerned with what will actually help the masses. Instead of fishing to feed everyone, the Cougar person will teach everyone how to fish for themselves. The Cougar person has no tolerance for the helpless or the pathetic. A Cougar person does not ever waste his or her time with those who cling onto the apron strings. In fact, a Cougar person is more likely to slice and dice anyone they meet who is a sniveller or a whiner. Thus the Cougar person tends to be an excellent parent who teaches the young to think for themselves and to be independent contributors to society.

When out of balance a Cougar person will take great joy in being cruel with actions and with words. They will want to be dominant at all costs and will toy with people's emotions. They will cull the weak out of the herd and eat them up.

The Plant Totem for this moon is the Plantain, which helps to nourish the body through the endocrine system. The Mineral Totem is the Turquoise, which helps the individual to express themselves and what they spiritually see as relevant with eloquence. It also helps to connect the individual to the Spirit of everything around us.

People who are Cougar People are part of the Frog Clan, which has to do with the deep water/soul level of reality. They are able to communicate in "deep talk" quickly and to have visionary insights. Frog Clan people were the first to discover the art of Scrying through the surface of the water and thus gleaning visions of what is, was and will be!

Blessed Be

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Katie May (or may not) said...

Well that is the first time I've ever heard this theory about the big winds' purpose being to move the roots of the trees. Fascinating.

Gail said...

I've learned lots of new things today, about the Big Winds, trees, cougars, plants and minerals.
Thank you for the lesson, Trent!