Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eye Only Have Eyes For You

So many people think of themselves as humans trying to be spiritual. That is so far from the actual truth of things on a spiritual level. We are all actually Spirits trying to be human. It takes the bravest of souls to incarnate into this world. And now we have finally evolved enough that even more dynamic souls are beginning to incarnate. The Crystal Children, the Star Children, the Diamond Children....all are here to help the human race to evolve even more quickly. They would not have been able to make it here if the earth were not ready for them. The Indigo and Violet Children had that as their mission over the last 200 years. And the Indigo and Violet Children are now able to evolve into Crystal Children and so on as a result of all that hard work. Yes, even on a spiritual level there is evolution.

A large part of that evolution has to do with the re-awakening of the intuition. Once again, we are faced with a misconception. Many think that we are all "normal" folks trying to be "intuitive". Again, nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that we are all intuitive...VASTLY INTUITIVE! Some of us are still caught in the game of trying to cap off our intuition so that we can appear to be "normal". So yes, we are intuitive folks who have been trying to be normal and now we are coming to a point where normal is not all that appealing. Normal is, indeed, becoming extremely boring. It is an old modality that is no longer serving our evolution. The only way that we are going to be able to continue to evolve is to allow ourselves to let go of "normal" and embrace "unique". All of us are equal, and each of us is also unique. We are, each one of us, an important piece of the puzzle of the Universe. If any one of us stops existing, then all of Existence misses us. So once we embrace our uniqueness and allow our intuition to flow we become more dynamic and stronger than ever before.

There was a time, in my late teens, when I tried on the normal suit. It was tight and tugged and pulled and prodded me in places that I did not previously know I had. That lasted about four years. Then I gave up and began to allow myself to be unique and to allow the intuitive flow to happen. Once we allow that, the intuition, our inner wisdom voice, will never steer us in a wrong direction. It is primal, instinctual, refined and advanced in its understanding of the world and the Universe at large. We can indeed trust it.

So let go. Allow. Receive and reap the magnificent benefits!

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

Letting go of normal to embrace unique as you so eloquently framed it in this post, is paying off! Last night I felt my dog, Thunder, walking on the bed around me, searching for a comfy spot to lay down. For 16 years he slept curled up behind my knees. His weight caused the covers to press down on my body; I could feel the pressure around my feet and legs at first, and when he made his way up to my shoulders, I'm sure he could see the smile on my face, the one his presence put there.
I've missed him since he passed in July last year. I'm so happy he stopped by last night.
Lots of other things have been happening that are equally as exciting for me. The intuitive flow you speak of feels like a trickle for me right now, but it's one that keeps gaining momentum with each passing day. Perhaps my own normal suit got snagged on something when I brushed up against my own sharp intuition, because now there's a run in it that keeps getting longer and wider. There's no stopping it - woo hoo!
Thanks, Trent - you are truly inspirational!