Monday, June 13, 2011

The Moon in My Blood

I can feel it. The moon is in my blood. It has been building for the last few days, and as the Full Moon approaches, it is getting stronger. For me this means that I am going to have to do some ceremony around the Full Moon. I have not yet decided what the ceremony will entail, but by the time the night of the Full Moon arrives I will know and simply do it. I find that ceremony on or around the Full Moon is the most powerful of all. The moon has a way of drawing forth our innermost abilities on a psychic and spiritual level, much like it draws the tides of the ocean. The trick is to breathe with it.

It becomes very easy to lose grounding with such a powerful force of nature. But if we keep our grounding intact we are able to continue with our spiritual work, fly as high as we must, and remain stable throughout the entire experience, thus experiencing it in its totality. So remember to breathe when performing ceremony. Don't allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the power or strength or intensity of the ceremony. Breathe through it and you will be just fine.

Blessed Be

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Gail said...

I like how there are no limitations, guidelines or parameters on the type of ceremony you or any one of us may perform around the full moon, thus leaving it up to the individual to decide whether or how to celebrate its powerful influence in our lives.