Friday, July 8, 2011


Isn't it amazing how things look a certain way until you look at it from a different angle, then suddenly everything changes? This photo was taken by myself at the zoo. It is a photo of reflections in water. However, as soon as I turned it sideways, then, BOOM! there is a face looking back at me.

I think that this is how it is with many things in life. Just when we think we have the whole thing cased we find a surprise just around the corner. That can certainly feed into people's fears because most humans do not like the element of surprise. So often people just want things to stay the same old way and never, ever change. There is, for them, a certain amount of security in that. But the element of surprise is what motivates all of us to grow. When we have to change things, even if it is just our own personal perspectives, then we have to grow within. We are, in effect, rewiring our inner hard drives. That way we are able to adapt to and take in more information that will, over time, help us to survive as a species. The more we rely upon nothing changing, the more vulnerable we become in our stagnancy. Things that do not change in nature do not survive for very long. We may fool ourselves into thinking that because we have technology and are therefore removed that much more from nature, that we can beat nature at its own game, but that would set us up for a harsh awakening at the end of the day.

Now back to the photo. I wonder who that is? It almost looks to me like the Green Man! Is his mouth open, ready to say something? Or is he just gonna stick his tongue out at me?

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

The Green Man in the photo will do both; he thanks you for taking his picture and getting his good side, as well as sticking out his tongue at you just before he laughs for the sake of making a joyful noise. He appreciates and enjoys every opportunity he has to let the world know that he is real and is still actively involved in caring for and healing Gaia, Mother of us all. He also took this 'photo op' to call to all who see or sense him in it to awaken into the Dreamtime.