Friday, July 1, 2011

Strong Sun Moon

I have been remiss in my writings about the moons of the Medicine Wheel. Well, let's pick it up from the moon we are in and hopefully I will be able to write about the others later. We are currently in the Strong Sun Moon (June 21-July 22). The medicine of this moon is that of a bright and sunny disposition and the ability to over see the bigger picture. The Power Animal for this moon is the Flicker. This is a Robin sized bird that feeds on the ground, as the Robin does, but also feeds on the grubs in the tree bark, like a Wood Pecker does. Because of the collar around it's neck, it is often referred to as the "Tuxedo Bird". The shock of red on its cheeks indicate that this one brings to those of this moon the ability to enjoy life to the fullest and the need to be a bit "dolled up" when going out in public. The rust of the underside of the tail feathers show a great amount of creativity that is carried by Flicker people. There is often a pink stripe on the back of the neck, which indicated the great amount of compassion that Flicker people carry within their hearts.

The Flicker will tap (pound) on any surface with its beak. Sometimes they make me think that they simply like the sound that they can make! They definitely have their own rhythm, as do Flicker people. Flicker people will often confound others who don't understand the concept of flowing to the beat of your own drum. Group consciousness does not concern the Flicker person. Instead, they enjoy individuality and the ability to make their own decisions regardless of what others may think.

People born in the Strong Sun Moon have a natural vitamin C deficiency, so the Wild Rose becomes the plant totem for these people because the rose hips are laced with rich vitamin C and can be made into a healing tea. The Carnelian Agate is the mineral totem. This orange member of the agate family often has a deeper orange to red stripe through it. It helps those of this moon to stay on track with their creative flare.

Those born during this moon also belong to the Frog Clan, which is all about the water element. So tears will flow easily and laughter will ripple easily in a balance Flicker person. An imbalanced Flicker person will become guarded and dark in their emotions because they are not allowing them to flow. Walks in the rain, swimming, having a shower, playing with the garden hose and drinking water are all important activities for the Flicker person.

You won't find a more caring, loving person than a Flicker person. But they do tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves, so it is also important to be gentle with them, for their hearts become wounded easily.

Blessed Be
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