Friday, February 3, 2012

Sea Horse Medicine

It is a gift and a curse....Sea Horse Medicine. On the one hand it allows you to get over stereotypicl roles that you are often subjected to in Western Culture, or ANY culture for that matter. On the other hand, it means that you have now twice as much to respond to in your day. For example, in the family of origin from which I come, if there were dirty dishes in the sink my mom was the one who would wash them....until we kids could help with that. If there was a tractor that needed to be used, my dad would do that. When Sea Horse Medicine is in your energy field, it doesn't really matter what needs to be done, if you are the one who sees it then you are the one who responds to it.  I think my mother also had Sea Horse Medicine.  She is the one who taught me how to cook, clean and do laundry so that I would NEVER be "co-dependent upon any woman to take care of me on basic levels".  She was very forward thinking.  Or perhaps she thought that instead of getting yet another daughter-in-law she would have better chances of getting another son-in-law!  I don't know.  I do remember punching a guy once when, as I cleared the dinner table, he said that I would make someone a very good housewife some day.  He deserved that punch.  Sphincter muscle!

This Sea Horse Medicine has, over time, gotten me into trouble. When I see something that needs to be done and I have a moment to do it....IT JUST GETS DONE. What that does, I have discovered, is it enables others around me to sit on their butts and DO NOTHING. This is extremely frustrating when a household can only run efficiently if all the members of the household work as a team. When the other team members are being lazy asses and don't participate, then there is a HUGE imbalance in the household and the one team member who is doing EVERYTHING is gonna get tired and bitchy and eventually break.

Now I think it is important to understand that I do not have a "Martha Stewart" anal retentiveness about my home. I do, however, have a standard of cleanliness that is healthy and I don't like stuff to become grungy or cluttered. So when someone else's standards are obviously MUCH LOWER than my own, it becomes a problem. Damn that Sea Horse Medicine!

I really am the type who likes to be involved with my kids (Sea Horse), keep a tidy house (Sea Horse), do what needs to be done (Sea Horse) and still have some time to play (Sea Horse mixed with Otter). I think perhaps I need to adopt the Sea Horse mixed with Otter attitude and just stop all the cleaning and laundry and stuff that I always do and just play........ THAT would last more than a day or two! LOL! Perhaps in circumstances where the rest of the team is not doing their part, I should simply join a different team....hmmmm.....does that mean my mother's unconscious wish would come true???  *head shaking here* I don't know anymore!  LOL

Blessed Be
Trent Deerhorn
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