Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Face Lift

Yes, I know. Most plastic surgeons would tell me I need one. But seriously, our bathroom needed one more! So we had a new vanity and cupboard put in and then I went to town painting it. At first, the camel color was a Tuscany yellow. Well, although on the pallet it looked great with the burgundy red, when you walked into the bathroom and turned on the light the yellow color basically fried the retinas! So we tamed it down to the camel color. That was some very expensive primer, that yellow.  It looks MARVELOUS! Both my Love and I find ourselves just going into the bathroom to just stand there and enjoy it.....frequently. And if by chance we happen to actually need to USE the bathroom, all the better because we then get to spend even more time in there! For that reason we have decided that we are going to continue this color scheme throughout the rest of the house. In comparison to the taupe/green that the former owners put in, this will certainly warm up the environment. AND when people are peeking in our front window as they pass by (and the DO do that!  Could be because someone saw me streaking around my house at some point because I DO do THAT now and then) it will have much better street appeal!

I have discovered that painting a small bathroom is not easy. I am six foot three. There are so many twists and turns and crouches and stretches involved that by the time I was done with the trim I was almost too exhausted to do the rolling! And have you ever tried to paint between a vanity top and a mirror while working behind a faucet? YIKES! I just ended up breathing, brushing and wiping whatever got on whatever it wasn't supposed to get on.  This would have been a much easier job when the room was basically empty, but I didn't have the time when the handyman was here doing the work, so I had to paint once everything was installed.

I have also learned that finding a shower curtain to match this color scheme is a bit of a task. We finally found a plastic one with all the colors in it. Fortunately it was el-cheapo and can be replaced easily if it falls apart. In the meantime, we will allow more time to all the stores to get their new stock in so that there is actually some selection when it comes to fabric washable shower curtains! Aquarians are always ahead of our time, I suppose! sigh.

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

Beautiful! Your experience of painting in confined spaces reminded me of painting our ensuite many years ago. Paint brush in one hand, rag to wipe paint from the places it didn't belong in the other... good times!
I hope Ernesto took care of you after your hard labour.

Trent Deerhorn said...

Oh, believe me....he DID! LOL

Grandma Penny said...

I suppose it has occurred to you that your bedroom and curtains in other rooms are already the colors you put in the bathroom so part of your home is already coordinated. It looks great! Congratulations.

Grandma Penny said...

I suppose you realize these are the colors of your bedroom and some of the drapes in your home so you are maybe farther along than you thought. Good thinking. It looks great! Congratulations.

Trent Deerhorn said...

Yeeeessssss! I did realize that...and it will indeed look great! LOVE it already and haven't even begun the huge transformation.....!!!