Sunday, September 8, 2013

Acts of Love

OK. I will just say right now that if anyone is going to be prudish you may want to just not read the rest of this entry.
Pardon the pun!
I've been around a while now.  And I have been around the block....a few times.  So I find that when it comes to love and sex, I am pretty much open to whatever people wish to discuss.  I think that is why so many actually talk about it with me.  I probably give off that vibe of "Whatever floats your boat, baby!"  So people talk and share experiences and also share some of their sexual frustrations. 
So here's the thing.  I find that this sculpt is absolutely beautiful and erotic.  But it also depicts something that a LOT of people don't talk about.  Is it any wonder that women feel sexually frustrated if we live in a culture that doesn't talk about it?  Sheesh! 
This is something that I, personally, really enjoy doing.  It brings supreme pleasure to a woman and if I am in love with a woman I want to do it.  I have been shocked by how many women don't want that done.  I don't know if it is because they feel a sense of loss of control or what.  But I am always surprised when a lover says she doesn't want that.  Especially when it is one of the easiest and fastest ways to give her an orgasm or even to just get her ready for intercourse! 
Then there are men who have confided in me that they did something last night that they haven't done in YEARS!  I am always curious to hear what comes next after a statement like that.  Did they rob a bank?  Did they change their underwear?  What? 
No.  They then say that hushed tones....went down on their lover!  They say it like they should be embarrassed about it.  I always respond with encouragement.  When I ask them how it was for them, they say that they enjoyed it, but could only go a minute or two before being so turned on themselves that they just had to enter her.  What the hell????  Dude!  You just missed the point of that loving act!  Spend some time!  Enjoy her enjoyment!  If you lose your erection, don't worry, another one is just around the corner, bro! 
I think that a lot of men, from what I am hearing, are just insecure as to whether or not they are actually doing it right.  Well, there are plenty of books out there to refer to.  Buy them or rent them.  Do NOT rely on the porn industry for educational purposes such as this.  That is all an act, and mostly poorly acted to say the least.
Or, better still, ask HER what she would like you to do?  There is nothing wrong with talking while acting.  Do you like when I do this?  Would you like me to try something else with my tongue?  Is there anything more that would make it even better for you?  Do you like when I suck on your clit?  ASK!  She will let you know.  And she will be sooooooo thrilled that you actually ASKED!
The better a man gets at oral sex with women, the better a lover he becomes.
Now, being fair, I must say that there are also two sides to this coin.  So, ladies, when you are going down on your man (and please do because that is one of the finest non-intercourse acts that you can do) ask him what he likes.  Not every man is the same.  For example, some guys like to have a tongue run along the eye of the penis.  Some find that horribly irritating.  Some like to have you gently squeeze and tug his scrotum while sucking.  Some find that too painful.  And some guys really like nipple play while doing that.  A lot won't admit it if you ask them outright, but they actually do once you get started.  If they don't they will let you know, don't worry.
And for both parties, please don't take it as a personal affront if your partner doesn't like something that all or other lovers have liked.  To each their own.  Find out what they DO like.  It may be a bit of a surprise, like me finding some women who don't like it when their lover goes down on them, but a surprise is just an adventure in disguise!
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Vanitha said...

It has been 12 days of marital bliss and now you know why! I must be the most blessed woman in the universe! WhooHoo!