Monday, September 16, 2013

Is it me? Is it ME?

Yup.  It's me.  Totally me.  This is my costume from 2 years ago for Samhain (Halloween).  I was a Gypsy Shaman.  Interesting!  I don't usually dress that way on a daily basis, but I am still a Gypsy shaman!  Cool!  This is simply my little depiction of what some of my ancestors a little farther back probably looked like.  Of course, most of them had black hair!
Somewhere along the way the gene pool got infused with some blonds and red heads.  So I am actually more blond than most of my relatives!
I know that my Druid ancestors would have looked different.  At the same time, maybe not.  I think that we are a combination of all of what has come before us.  We get to experience the good, the bad and the ugly as well as the beautiful and the divine with all of our genetic makeup.
There seemed to be somewhat of an issue of contention between the two lines....from waaaay back.  I think that I am one who is meant to bring some peace to all of the work and all of the spiritual practices from both sides.  I embrace it all.  That does not mean that I am betraying any particular tradition.  They are pretty much the same anyway.  It is people's perceptions that define something as good or bad, the same or different.  That dualistic way of thinking is just not for me, especially when it comes to things of Spirit.  I feel in my soul that if I embrace it all I will find a way to balance it all harmoniously.  That is what is most important to me.  Perhaps that way my children and their children will have a better time of it as they learn and grow and explore their own spiritual connections.
So yes, it's me.  All of me.
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