Monday, September 2, 2013

The Nuptuals

On Saturday, August 24th, I asked my Love to marry me.  It wasn't the usual down on one knee sort of proposal.  I am NOT that type of person.  She came home from her workshop and told me about how it was, and then I asked her if she would like to elope.  She asked where I would be taking her, and since we can't afford an exotic holiday I suggested either Swift Current or the back yard.  She chose the back yard.  Seeing as how the 27th was a day when Mars was the closest it has been to the earth in thousands of years, we chose that day.  So that gave us three full days to plan a wedding.  That should do it!
1. Contact my friend and Commissioner of Marriages, Lorna Davies.  check
2. Find out what all we need. check
3. Contact the Jewelry store and see if they sell marriage licenses (one of the things on Lorna's list).  check
4. Pull the Divorce Certificate out of the safe to take to the Jewelry store so that we can get the marriage license.........SCREECH!  Where the hell is the divorce certificate????
5. Monday, after driving Vanitha to dialysis, tear house apart and find divorce certificate.  SCREECH!  Where the heck is that thing????
6. Head down to Family Court and get a copy of divorce certificate.  9:30am.  They don't open till 10:00.  Go for coffee at Mystic Java on 4th ave.  check
7. Head back to Family Court and get searched and scanned for weapons before entering (the guards were not all that cute so I am happy in ended there and did not go into a strip search). check
8. Get someone's attention because I am the only person standing at the counter and no one is even noticing my presence....YOU!  check
9. Pay for certified copy of divorce certificate (do I have enough cash on me now that I bought that coffee?)....check  Whew!  They only take cash.  I ROCK this stuff!
10. Pick up Vanitha from dialysis and head to Jewelers to get marriage license.  check
11. While there find set of estate jewelry matching wedding bands.  check
12. Put a rush on the sizing for Vanitha's band so it is done and ready by tomorrow afternoon.  SCREECH!  It could take 3 DAYS????  Nope.  Cancel that thought and put a rush on.  check
13. Tuesday morning: Phone my friend, Ryan (loading gravel at work) and ask him to be my best man.  "You're WHAT???  Ya!  Sure I'll be there by 6:30." check
14. Hand the phone to Roanne as she is coming in the door, prepared to do our house cleaning for us in a way that only she seems to be able to, and let Vanitha ask her to stay late and be her maid of honor.  "You're WHAT????  Are you kidding me?!  OMG!  Have you seen how I am dressed?  Have you seen my HAIR???!!!  Yes, I'll be there!" check
15. Receive phone call from Vanitha's parents:  THEY ARE BACK IN TOWN. check
16. Phone Vanitha and tell her to let them know and to invite them.  check
17. Vanitha phones her brother Indren and tell him to phone his parents and let them know that she is getting married and that they should call her for details.  (He had her tell them he and Anna eloped years ago!  Turn about is fair play.) check
18. Receive a phone call from Jeweler's that ring is READY!  check.
19. Go get ring. check
20. Summon daughters to come over for 20 minutes so that I can let them know I'm getting married.  check (they thought we already were...!)
21. Set up back yard for ceremony.  check
22. Assemble in back yard.....well that would be check but her parents were 15 minutes late! the dog was getting impatient)......check
23. Parents' last minute touches....Hindu tradition stuff, champagne, Red Velvet wedding cake....Thank you! and check
24. Get married in front of the Maple tree that we planted 2 years ago and is now taller than me.  check
25. Photos and toast and cake.  check

Well, that was easy!   Thank you to Roanne for remembering that the bride needed a bouquet!  Thank you to Roanne and Ryan for standing up for us and signing our marriage certificate!  Thank you to Lorna for officiating our wedding!
Personally I think that I totally rock at this last minute wedding stuff!  I don't know any groom who has put as much work into it as I did and I pulled the whole thing off in just 3 days! 

Next year we will be having a Hand Fasting ceremony with the big party to follow for 200 friends and family!
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Gail said...

Great job pulling it all together in short order! Can't wait for the handfasting ceremony after you and Vanitha have had a year to plan. It will be a galactic and inter-dimensional affair to say the least.

Katherine Regnier said...

CONGRATS to the both of you! That is just LOVELY!!! YAY.

The Wizard of 'OZ' said...

Once again congratulations! That was a lot of ducks to get in a row!!) Looking forward to the handfasting.

Tracy Reifferscheid said...

Lol... it sounds just so you and Vanitha!!! Cant imagine anything better. Congrats again. Thanks for sharing with such humor. Hugs to you both

Kate Althouse said...

Wow! Congratulations, you two!

Crystal Hanson said...

Congratulations :) So very exciting! Much love to the both of you!!