Saturday, March 29, 2008

Creation Manifestation

Many people talk about manifesting things in their lives. Manifestation is one of the many gifts that Spirit has given us. But we also need to understand how that gift works so that we can use it efficiently. It is similar to receiving your first stereo from your parents at Christmas time or for your birthday. It is one thing to own it, but another thing to actually know how to use it.

First off, there is a difference in manifestation styles. One style is that of Affinity manifestation. With Affinity manifestation we know that what we seek to posses is “out there” and all we need to do is draw it to us and then we will have it. The difficulty with this concept is that we have within it the ingrained belief in lack. If it is “out there” then it is not within our realm of existence. This basic belief then delays the process of creating it in our realm.

Then there is Creation Manifestation. This one is my favorite because it works so quickly. With Creation manifestation we know and understand that we are at one with the Universal force. As this oneness (the true meaning of Atonement is at-one-ment) moves through us we allow what we are manifesting to unfold from within us. So we do not “seek” what we don’t believe we have. We allow what already is to unfold, thus appear in the physical realm. This is very much the concept of “praying rain” which is in a previous entry. So if we need transportation in the form of a new to us vehicle, we allow ourselves to feel what it is like driving that vehicle and feeling safe and secure on the road. Next thing you know, that vehicle comes into our lives in a very affordable way. We see ourselves as prosperous and prosperity embraces us. We see ourselves as worthy and everyone treats us that way. None of this lack stuff is ever involved in creation manifestation.

Most of us do a combination of these styles. That is okay, so long as we are completely conscious of the difference in styles and how they need to work in order to work well for us.
Blessed Be


Debi Pouliot said...

I'm glad you are posting more frequently. Debi

Gail said...

Love it! Especially the part about allowing what we are manifesting to unfold from within us. We do have to be careful, though; we could manifest something we didn't expect because we didn't take the time to look within to see what was there. Sounds like a double-edged sword...

Trent Deerhorn said...

If we have clarity of heart, we cannot go wrong in our manifestation. We develop trust as a result of looking within. ;-)