Wednesday, April 2, 2008

George Michael

I was driving home the other day, going around and around the parkade to my parking spot on the 11th level, and having a little talk with Spirit as I did. After all, what else does one do but talk to Spirit when one is going in circles? I was in the process of telling Spirit that I was taking a HUGE leap in my life and that I was following It’s directive from the office of “They” and that I needed to know that it was all going to be okay. I needed to know that my kids were going to be okay and that my wife was going to be okay and that my new partner was going to be okay… just let me know it will all work out! Then, just as I was backing into my parking spot, on the radio came George Michael’s song “Faith”…you gotta have it!

So I had an Eli Stone moment. And I remembered when a friend of mine once said that sometimes in life you need to back into situations instead of going in full force forward. Here I was backing into my parking spot when this message came to me with such divine synchronicity. So I am learning a lot more about faith. I used to associate it only with the stuff of religion. Now I am going through deeper lessons than I have before about how we need to have faith in ourselves and in Spirit. We need to understand that we are taken care of, no matter what. This brings great comfort to me and that comfort then gets spread about to everyone I love.

Blessed Be


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