Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Hello, Lover!"

Does anyone out there watch Sex and the City? Reruns of it are everywhere. I enjoy this show because it has incredible humor in it. There is a scene where Carrie Bradshaw is looking at a pair of shoes in a window and from her lips comes the utterance, "Hello, Lover!" I laughed myself silly!

Then it happened. Just tonight. It happened to me. I was in a store to try on a pair of shoes. This is no ordinary pair of men's shoes. This is a pair of Cole Haan shoes. Cole Haan was bought out by Nike. Nike put into the Cole Haan shoes their air technology. This pair of fabulous slip on leather shoes does indeed feel like sinking your whole body down into warm butter. And then with the air technology, they are so incredibly light that you can hardly feel them on your feet! They are the absolute sexiest pair of shoes I have ever owned in my entire life. Yes, I bought them. And I didn't even blink an eye! I just bought them. Before I could even think about it my card was whipped out and my John Henry was on the dotted line! Honestly, I want to wear them to bed! This pair of shoes may actually make me want to wear socks! This is something, as previously mentioned in another blog entry, that I hate to do. Socks make me feel like I am suffocating. But socks with these sexy shoes......I will put the darn pair of socks on if it means that I can wear these shoes!!!!

These are the small luxuries and necessities in life. It is important, especially with an Achilles tendon like mine, to have excellent support in foot wear. So this pair of shoes is a must. "I guess that I will try them on if I have to! But I am certainly not sold on liking them and for this price....wait a minute....I get a sensation like that and I only have to pay this much??? SOLD!"

Think good support. If our feet give out, the rest of us have nothing to stand on!

Blessed Be



Gail said...

Yep! Good shoes and good support are a must. Having a comfortable, supportive pair of shoes is almost as important as having a comfortable, supportive relationship, n'est-ce pas?

Trent Deerhorn said...