Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm Baaaaack!

Well now, when last we read this blog I was actually, on the side, preparing to go to Alberta to attend a wedding and do a week's worth of work. The wedding went off without a hitch, except for the one between the bride and groom. The week of work was very productive. I am happy to work with such receptive people! And my hosts were the very best.

Now that I am back I am looking forward to my next few months of private sessions, workshops and classes. I have such a good time doing what I do and sometimes I am overwhelmed with how blessed I am to have the career that I do. Being a shaman is a way of life. Being able to do this for work is a blessing.

I am also starting ballroom dance classes with my partner on this coming Monday evening. I just bought a pair of official dance shoes. Actually, my friend, James, and I (James and his lovely other half, Judith are in the same class) went shopping for ballroom dance shoes today. That is the first thing that ballroom dance classes does to makes us go shopping for shoes together in places that have an overabundance of ballet tutu's. Pink, no less! By now I am sure y'all know how I feel about pink! We found excellent Latin style shoes that look a lot sexier than they actually feel on the foot. We are assured by the lady in the store that the soft leather will stretch out and become something that fits like a glove. Now the last I knew about this a glove was worn on a hand, not a foot. But okay, we will try this out. The heal is about 2 inches, so I hope that I don't sprain an ankle on the dance floor. I do remember wearing similar styled shoes in the 17th century, but that was with white stockings and a vest that covered a frilly shirt that was scratchy on the skin. But like the shoes, the shirt looked a lot sexier than it felt so I was not in it for very long at a time. But that is another story altogether!

Blessed Be



Gail said...

Jeez, Trent, the next thing ya know, you'll be tellin' us you got on 'So You Think You Can Dance Canada'.
I think I can say with confidence that there ain't nuthin' you can't do!
I'm curious - What made your frilly shirt feel so scratchy? Was it made of wool or cotton or a combination of both or neither? And where did you live when you had a life in the 17th century? Puritan England, the new American colonies, one of the European countries?

Trent Deerhorn said...

I believe it was a blend of cotton and linen, but back then I was still not an expert on textiles. I guess that I still see not much need for that in my realm. Coast of Spain. Dark curly hair, mustache, goatee, gauntlet gloves, well crafted sword...need I say more?? I liked to party even back then!

Beata said...

YOU'll enjoy the ball-room I'm sure :)