Monday, September 22, 2008

Learning the Cha Cha

My last entry seems, as I read it today, to be quite blunt. This is uncharacteristic of me. But I think that there are certain times when we need to be blunt in order to get a point across. At other times, diplomacy is the best bet.

So how do we decide when to be blunt and when to be diplomatic? I usually base it on the degree of illusion and denial that I have to cut through. I also appreciate it when my own illusions and denials are cut through by someone else's bluntness. It saves on years of therapy later in life!

I don't think that we should ever have to pussy foot around any subject matter in life. I have always appreciated when people have been forthright and honest with me. I always do my best to afford others the same courtesy. Some, however, don't want that courtesy. These folks would prefer that we indulge their fantasy realities so that they can actually coast through life in a very lazy manner, much like those who are bumped up to the next grade level in school just so that the teacher doesn't have to deal with them for yet another year. Some call it stream lining. I call it stupidity. Since when does life afford us the luxury of laziness when it comes to personal development? If we don't continually strive to improve ourselves on a daily basis, we end up in a cloud of self-deception, expecting others to totally buy into that deception in their own realities as well.

I say, "Cut the crap!" and get to the point. No fluff is needed when there are serious life lessons that are to be learned. Perhaps that is why it often feels like at 45 years of age I have already lived several lifetimes in one. I just jump in and get to the business of learning. Tonight, I jumped in and got to the business of learning the Cha Cha. This is a dance I have always enjoyed watching, but was never taught. It was scary at first, but once the foot work finally came to me, the rest seems to want to fall into place. That is the way life is. If we just pick it up at some point, the rest will unfold.

Blessed Be


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Gail said...

Like my favourite Shaman is fond of saying, "Cha-cha-change is inevitable; growth is optional". And that ain't no "jive"!