Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Learning Curve

Last night was my first Intermediate Ballroom Dance class. The learning curve between the beginner class (20 years ago) and last night was pretty much in a vertical direction. But I hung in there and by the end of the class I could finally Rumba and Jive. Well....almost. I don't think I am actually ready for a real live dance floor yet, but it won't be long. Then the only thing that I will have to make sure of is that I am not run right off the dance floor by the much more experienced dancers.

Something I also learned last night is that it is just as important for my partner to be good at following as it is for me to be good at leading. Fortunately, my love is a great follower on the dance floor (pretty much the only place in the world where she will actually perform that function) so I really don't have to worry about what will happen when we dance together. Others....not so good at following. But then again, I am not so good at leading just yet. Once I get the routine, then I can take it away. Until that routine is embedded into my cellular memory, I am pretty much a vapour lock just waiting to happen!

And then this morning my Achilles tendon was completely flared up again.....totally bites! But by the time the drumming circle was done this evening it was feeling much better. The circle was also a blast and we had lots of fun celebrating the Full Moon in ceremony and rhythm. Thanks to all who joined in!

Blessed Be


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Gail said...

The joy of dance! Ain't it just the best!?! Even when your Achilles tendon flares up, ya know ya had a blast and you'll do it all over again next week, eh!