Thursday, June 18, 2009

Assistance Please!

The Earth needs our assistance at this time. As it is going through some amazing shifts in the universe, it is also experiencing some shifting within itself. The Khundalini Serpent is moving its resting place from Tibet to South America. As it does so, the pole of the earth is also tilting to face a different constellation, Aquarius. With either one of these shifts the energy flow would be affected. With both, the energy is in need of help as the crystals and stones within the earth are having a bit of a time of it adapting to the different flow of energy.

So what can we as mere mortals do to help? There is a wonderful meditation that my crystals told me about, which is now coming more to public awareness through various articles that are being written. This actually works. What it does is connects us and our consciousness to the crystals of the earth and the universal energies of the stars. Here is how to do this....

Focus on the solar plexus energy and breathe in. As you do allow the energy to flow out the front of the Solar Plexus chakra and move rapidly up to the stars. As you exhale, allow the energy to move down your back, through the Solar Plexus chakra and out its front, and down into the core of the earth. Then breathe in and allow it to flow up your back, through the Solar Plexus chakra, out the front and back to the stars. This creates an infinity symbol, the two loops of which are the stars and the core of the earth, the centre of which is your Solar Plexus chakra. As you breathe, the crystals and stones of the earth become reprogrammed with Universal Healing Energy and adjust the energy matrix of the Earth so that she is able to adapt to the new shift of the Khundalini. It is kind of like fly fishing while at the same time anchoring the earth with Universal Healing Energy. You will also find your own consciousness growing and expanding and your own energy system experiencing wonderful and exciting new shifts.

Try it. It is quite an amazing experience.

Blessed Be

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Gail said...

I'm definitely giving this one a try!
I noticed you tagged this post 'preparing for 2012'. Is this the year the Khundalini Serpent arrives at its destination in South America and settles in? How long has it been since the Serpent last moved?

Trent Deerhorn said...

It has been a few thousand years since last it moved from Atlantis to Tibet. It has been slowly moving from Tibet to South America for some time now. A sudden move would certainly create catastrophe. This is why it tends to do so gently.