Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So often in our culture gentleness is equated with weakness. There is actually great strength achieved in gentleness. I am a very large man. By that I mean that I am very tall and, with a bald head, can look foreboding to people who are of a smaller stature.

I remember what it was like to be a young boy and have everyone be much bigger than I was at the time. I remember feeling small and insignificant and I also remember how some adults were oblivious to that matter and didn't treat me well as a result of that oblivion and of their own harsh natures.

For this reason, I like to incorporate the energy of the deer whenever I am dealing with children. They come to know me as a gentle giant as a result. I like to talk with them as equals and allow them the honor of talking with me in the same way. Whenever possible, I like to get down to their height and look them in the eye when communicating. That way I might not seem so intimidating to them. They really respond well to this. I think that had someone done this for me when I was little, I might not have been so afraid of the world when growing up. This blog, according to my Love, is short and sweet, so ulike me in the first part and so like me in the second!

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

Oh, Trent - You are such a deer! It is apropos of you, no matter which way you spell it.