Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Return of the Light

I have SADD. That is something that I have struggled with for years and years before it was ever defined by any medical practitioner. I know that I, for one, could have told them that lack of light makes me depressed. Three days of lack of light makes me so depressed I want to explode! So any form of light that I can get around at this time of year is excellent as far as I am concerned. Even the Christmas lights on the trees make my heart warm and my mind clear.

A few years ago I was dropping off something at a friend's home. Every house on the block except for his was light up and sparkling. I commented on how lovely the street looked and his bland reply was that because he is not Christian they don't do that. No acknowledgement of how pretty it is or of how nice the block looked, just a bland statement of religious preference.

Seriously, when it comes to lighting up the darkness, I don't see what religious preference has to do with anything. I am not Christian either, but I love to light up the darkness with Christmas Lights. I even put them on in the middle of summer when we are entertaining in our back yard! They are simply a thing of beauty. They don't have to mean anything about the birth of Jesus.

On the Pagan end of things, they actually indicate the celebration of Yule and the return of the light as the seasons change. After Winter Solstice, the sun becomes something we see more of in the sky. So why not celebrate that? You don't have to be Pagan to do it. Just appreciate the frickin light!

I know that I am probably more sensitive to this issue than most, what with that whole SADD and all. But even if I were not afflicted with that, I would still love the lights at this time of year. There is nothing that says "home" like the feeling that the darkness of life is being held at bay by a beautiful array of lights!

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

This is something I struggle with every year, too. I will sit with the Phillips go-lite on for 20 minutes every day and the blue-white light bath really seems to help.
And yes, I 'just appreciate the frickin' light!'
Glad your sense of humour is still helping to light your way.