Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stop Dragon Your Butt!

So often people tell me that they have things that they just never get around to doing because they are so busy with other things in their lives and taking care of other people's things in their lives and taking care of the other people as well. This frustrates me a wee bit. I have been there. In fact, just the other day I was there. I had to remind myself of the words of wisdom that I often share with "those" people....STOP DRAGON YOUR BUTT!!!!

Really, if we want to do something we need to get to it. If we want to accomplish anything in life, we need to do it. If we are the only people in the entire world that will find that accomplishment satisfying or inspiring, we still need to do it. We are just as important as anyone else in the world is. We need to stop sacrificing our own fulfillment for the sake of others needs, no matter how valid their needs may be. If we cannot nourish our own spirits or our own minds, then we are not really fully there for anyone else.

I have Tuesdays off. I have had them off for some time, but because of scheduling and stuff, they were usually spent getting groceries and running a million errands. I have decided to just say "screw it". I need the day off. It is the last day off I have before going back to work and when I am at work I work hard, no matter how much a passionately love what it is that I do for a living. So screw it. If, for example, the groceries cannot be bought on another day, then they don't get bought at all. I am no longer pushing myself to meet everyone else's needs only to sacrifice my own. From now on my day off is as sacred as is my day with my kids. After all, if Dad is not nourished, how is he supposed to nourish the little ones?

So I invite all of my readers to look seriously at how many ways each of you sacrifices your own needs for the needs of others. Once you identify the ways, don't blame other people for it. It is you and you alone who created it. Simply stop doing it. There is too precious little time in each life to spend it doing things that we feel obligated to do while ignoring what it is we are actually responsible for, that being ourselves. Self care is the most important aspect of life. Without it, our lives get cut short.

Blessed Be

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