Sunday, October 14, 2007

Drumming Circle

Most Tuesday evenings I hold a Drumming Circle in my sacred space, called Transformational Tuesday. This is an opportunity for folks to gather together and share in the circle, as well as to connect with each other and with the world at large through the beat of the drum.

The drum creates a vibrational flow that is extremely close to the vibration of the earth itself, as measured by scientists. This connection builds within us as the sound of the drum moves through our bodies, and then helps us to transcend into spirit consciousness.

I like to combine this with the occasional cauldron ceremony which helps the group set healing intent. Between the drums, the chants, the rattles and the flames from the cauldron, we are able to set up an excellent vibe that travels throughout the universe and back. Positive ripples are always good because, let's face it, the world sends out quite enough negative ones.

This week we are going to be increasing our connections to our Power Animals. I can hardly wait. Although we experience whichever Power Animal or Power Animals that come through, I am personally hoping to connect more deeply with my Wolf Medicine. My Wolf has always guided me straight and true, even when I have wanted to take a more twisty, turning path. She knows the paths very well and is able to get me back home safe and sound every time. I think I sometimes make it difficult for her with my agendas and expectations, but I am learning to let go of these and I am hoping that in circle she will hear my prayers of apologies for beings such a pain at times. I love her scent and the way her fur feels, so soft and so long. And I especially like the spooky look in her eyes. I think I may have inherited that from her, if that is possible.


Pat said...

Trent I read all of your articles and they are wonderful like you. I especially love your description of your Wolf as I have seen her and she brought my wolf to me. Thank you for all the wonderful experiences you have given me.

Trent Deerhorn said...

Thank you for your kind words, Pat. It is indeed an honor for me to be able to be of service, as well as to just know you. Our wolves resonate very well.