Tuesday, October 9, 2007

October 9, 2007

The next Transformational Tuesday Drumming Circle will be on Tuesday, October 16th from 7:00 to 9:00 in the evening. This week we will be Journeying to our Power Animals. Newcomers are always welcome and we have plenty of rhythm instruments to go around. We always enjoy hearing the unique voice of a new drum, rattle, flute, or whatever. The cost is $12/person. You can email me if you need directions for how to get here at deerhorn@sasktel.net .

Also, I have an exciting new workshop coming up at the end of October!

Healing Sound
Join myself and Evan Janzen for this uplifting and powerful workshop that celebrates sound and its effect on our energy systems. You will experience Singing Bowls, Gongs, Drums, Rattles, Chanting, Whistles and more. If it makes a sound that can be used to heal the energy system, we will have it.

Sound moves through our energy system and moves blocked energies out, as well as brings fresh energy in. Essentially we are energy beings in human form, not humans with an energy system. So sound helps us to improve our connection to who we truly are in the universe. The Registration Deadline (with $50 deposit) is October 19th. The Healing Sound Workshop is on the evening of Friday, October 26th from 7:00 - 9:00 and on Saturday, October 27th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.
The total cost is $225 (+gst). This is a truly dynamic event, so I hope you all will consider it on your sacred path.

FOR THOSE WHO ARE NEW TO MY BLOG: I also have a website that you can check out at www.deerhornshamanic.com .

Musings for the day:
I spent most of my day raking up fallen leaves, loading them into my tractor-pulled wagon, and dumping them in the bush so that they are off our lawn. Sometimes I wish we could just leave them there because they are so beautiful with all the fall colors. However, they do create mold that my daughters and I have a sensitivity to, so off they go.
While raking, which I find to be a contemplative activity, I was thinking about the cycles of life. I heard somewhere that the green color of leaves is when they are actually well tanned from the sun and the autumn colors are their more natural colors. Then I thought that it would be really cool if, as we came to the end of our cycle of life, we as humans could also turn whatever color or flavor we wanted to. If my skin could do what the leaves can do, I would want to be purple or at the very least a deep shade of red. I really like how close the two colors are. Red and Purple are very close in the color wheel. And they are the two extremes in the chakras, the red being at the bottom and the purple being at the top. When we touch our toes our crown chakras can blend with our base chakras. That is the color I want, the perfect blend.
I love the fact that fall comes along. I see death and decay as sacred. Eventually we all become part of the earth once again in another way and end up feeding the grass that feeds the animals that we as humans have hunted and eaten through our lifetimes. So we are as symbiotic with those animals as we are with the trees, who feed us oxygen and who also get fed back every time we exhale. Is it any wonder we can connect so intimately with plants and animals?


Vanitha said...

Good Morning "My Favourite Shaman".
Being a "Woman of Colour" I feel the way you write of the colourful beauty of this season makes me certain you are already a "Man of Colour" no matter what hue your skin may wear! Let your colours SHINE! - Gotta go touch my toes now.

Sharon said...

Morning Trent...
The colours are wonderful but I also like the sound they make. Especially you walk through a pile of leaves or the wind passing through them while there still in the trees.
I have saved a leaf or two when the colour would catch my eye, it seems I am making a home that looks more and more outside. The rocks, leaves, Linda's woodchips, the walking sticks and plants surround us in our home.


Krymson said...

While all seasons are beautiful and have their special attributes, fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I went for a walk with a friend last evening through this gorgeous carpet of golden leaves that cast this equally golden luminescent glow about the whole world around us. I agree with you Trent about the cycle of life and death. Even though nature is in the throes of its death cycle, she shows us the intense beauty and also promises us many more treasures to come. You can taste and smell the promise in the air. Celebrate her dying just as we celebrate her return to life.