Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fire Ceremony

This week our drumming circle is having a Fire Ceremony. The element of fire is one that represents the Spirit aspect of our being. When we are in a balanced state, we are able to achieve clarity, illumination and enlightenment. Once this is achieved we are able to determine our paths based on our spiritual consciousness. One could use the analogy of the Spirit of the Law vs the Letter of the Law. When unconscious we only go by the letter, or by the "book" so to speak, while moving through our lives. When we become conscious (that is to say spiritually aware) we are able to move through our lives utilizing the Spirit of the Law. So we will sometimes not be able to do something even though logically it makes sense, because on an intuitive and authentic level it just won't fit into our level of awareness or consciousness.

In a fire ceremony, we are able to align ourselves more clearly with our Spiritual Path, or Path of Purpose. This may not be able at times to be clearly articulated, but it will be felt on a deep soul level. We will find ourselves resonating with what is true and right for us, regardless of what the masses of "ordinary" folks may think. This can be truly liberating! I hope that there will be a lot of people show up for this circle gathering, as it promises to be a powerful one. In any case, I know that the folks who do show up are the ones who are meant to be there, and it will all be perfect.

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Krymson said...

What an amazing Circle indeed!! I'm still feeling the wonderful infusion of high energy and clarity of what direction my path should take at this time. Thank you to All who made their presence known and felt!

(PS - Ozzy who?? ;)

With Love,