Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mystical Moments

Yesterday I was out in my yard in the early morning. As I came around the corner I found that the sunlight was breaking through just after sunrise and the warmth of the light was evaporating the frost that was on the grass. As it did so, there was the most wonderful mist rising all around our yard and house. I just had to take a moment and truly appreciate the mystical aspect of nature in action. I am so glad that I did, too, because a minute or two later the effect was all gone as the frost was burned off.

It was events such as this that the ancients considered to be sacred. I can completely understand why. I fully expected to find nature spirits and fairies all around, but what I found instead was a stillness that echoes in my mind even today and I am sure for years to come. It was such a peaceful moment without a sound to be heard. I feel truly blessed because instead of a bunch of individual spirits around me, I was surrounded by Great Spirit. For a moment I felt as though all else fell away, even my own identity, and I truly became one with Spirit. I think that I will continue to access the memory of this moment as a meditation for a very long time.

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