Thursday, October 11, 2007

Power Animals

While outside chopping up kindling for my fireplace this morning, there was a massive sized flock of Canada Geese that flew over. They were quite loud and, of course, in perfect formation. The medicine of the Canada Goose has to do with commitment. They mate for life and if a partner in a couple dies, the remaining partner does not mate with another. Makes us think about the social structure we screw up when we are hunting them!

The flock made me contemplate the areas of commitment I have in my life. I am extremely committed to my family and to my role as a shaman. Sometimes the two clash a bit, but for the most part I am very fortunate that I have a lovely wife who is very supportive of what I do and the time it sometimes takes from the family. She knows that I have a purpose in the world and that I serve the community at large with the healing work I do. I am very grateful for that.

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Krymson said...

I was out photographing last weekend and was given the most wonderful Spirit gift. I was returning to my car after taking some photos of this gorgeous river to see Fox waiting at the edge of the road for me. He sat perfectly poised...patiently waiting for me to finish so my full attention was on Him. I stated out loud to my companion that we were being watched and that was his cue. He began walking towards us. His eyes glued on me. These deep, dark pools that looked right through me and locked in on my soul. I was frozen with the camera in my hand!! Everything slowed to a crawl as I watched him approach with these amazing, laughing eyes that I couldn't bear to look away from, lest my heart break into a million pieces. When I was finally able to find my voice and asked to take His picture...He plopped down on the road, sprawled out like a gooey, red puddle, then was off without a second look back. Fox medicine left His mark on me that day. He said to become like the wind. To remain unseen yet weave into and through any situation and location. That I would be wise to observe the acts of others rather than their words at this time. To use my cunning nature in a positive way, keep silent about who, what, and why I am observing. There is so much more to the Fox medicine that was given that day but this is what I needed to share.