Thursday, November 8, 2007

Crystals and Healing Stones

A very dear friend of mine says that she has "rocks in her head". This means that rocks and crystals communicate to her. When I realized what she was saying, I replied, "Me too!" and we have been instant friends ever since. The crystals and healing stones I use in my healing therapies communicate to me when they want to be utilized, how, and for whom. This is a very sacred connection for me. Rocks and crystals never lie. They will always speak truth because they are nature's record keepers. I have also recently had a friend bring me a crystal from Tibet, which turned out to be the "sister" of the one I have carried with me for years which came from northern Ontario and asked me to find her sister for her. My crystal squealed when she saw the one I pulled out of the gift bag. That is so cool when you can, inadvertently, help a family reunion take place in the mineral kingdom!

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