Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Drumming Circle

Last nights Drumming Circle was such a blast! Originally it was set out to just be a big jam session, but as usual, we can't just drum. Even if that is our intent some pretty huge healing just happens. I loved having my friends, Trish, Vanitha and Gail there. What a cool combination of feminine energies! My youngest daughter was also there and, to tell you the truth, I had no idea that this little Frog Clan person could play a wooden frog so well! Last, but not least, my nephew was there. This was his first drumming circle and he did so well. Thank you all for attending and bringing such vibrant energies into the circle and into my life!


Krymson said...

I've been sitting here for the last few minutes contemplating what needs to be written. The only words fitting for last night are intimate and profound. There was a connection at such a depth that....well, it brings tears to my eyes to think on. What an amazing soul family we are becoming! We are truly recognizing one another in all our Being, on this side of the veil and the Other.

Trent Deerhorn said...

Indeed, we are all one tribe!