Saturday, November 10, 2007

Vision Quests

I often get the question, "What is involved in a Vision Quest?". The short answer is "Lots of preparation". The long answer is this: Without the preparation involved, you are only going to hallucinate. Hallucinations result when one starves the body of food and water. That is a chemical reaction, not a vision. There are many traditions that include the fasting aspect, and if that is what you are into, then that is cool. I would encourage people to realize though, that this leads to hallucinations, not visions. People also don't necessarily need to attend a sweat lodge to Vision Quest. And, with the preparation involved, they certainly don't need any medicine plants. These are also hallucinogenics. There is nothing a vision inducing plant can bring us that our own receptive minds cannot.

So how does one prepare? To begin with, the energy system of the individual must be strong enough to do a Vision Quest. This means working with the chakras, the auric fields and the meridian flow to release mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blockages that disconnect us from our own inner source. When this is done, the kundalini (flow of energies through all the energetic bodies) is cleared and activated so that you can achieve a receptive state of being. The practice of quiet meditation also helps tremendously.

Sometimes it is also important to prepare yourself by having ceremonial healing work done. This can include releasing toxic energies that bind you, having soul retrieval done, or resolving ancestral and karmic issues. The more you do, the better you will be prepared for the Vision Quest. Needless to say, the preparation can take a lot of time, but it is also extremely worth the work put into it.

The Vision Quest is a time when you receive a vision or visions given by spirit that will help guide you on your sacred path. In other words, it is a moment of inspiration (when Spirit enters us and guides us). With the loving guidance of Spirit, and with the clarity and groundedness of the preparatory work, you can find yourself achieving a much deeper connection to your own inner guidance. We all have inner guidance. Most folks just don't resonate with it. The preparation helps us to resonate well, thus allowing ourselves to open and receive that "inner wisdom voice" that lets us know what the next step needs to be in our lives.

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