Thursday, April 10, 2008


Let’s face it. We have all had moments where we wish to the powers that be that we had actually taken that silly non credit course in university that was called, “Juggling for Dummies”. We were too shy. And we did not want to admit that we might need such a course. But when I compare the possibilities of that course with those of, say, a first year psychology course, the juggling schtick might have been the way to go!

Life is full of compromises and demands. We have become a society of runners. So much time is spent running from one place to the other that we very rarely actually have the time to enjoy any of the journey. But it is the journey that is the most important part of it all. I refuse to install one of those DVD players in my vehicle for the kids because when we go on road trips I would actually like them to look out the window and see what all there is to see. Landscapes, wildlife, farm animals…it all amounts to conversation starters and lots of interesting stuff to observe.

This is also why my kids are not enrolled in 15 different activities through the week. Yes, sometimes the week does get full, but that is by choice. I am not one of those parents who will spend my time frantically battling the traffic flow to get two different kids in two different directions through the city for two different activities. Nope. That is not how my time will be spent on this earth. Sound harsh? It really isn’t. I think that they much prefer to spend time talking and playing with me that they do listening to me gripe at moronic drivers as we rush from location to location.

Sometimes the juggling act is essential. If we decide on what is actually important to us, however, we will find that it is unnecessary. When you do need to know how to juggle, it is good to have had a class in that. Otherwise we are left with having to learn how to pick up all the cascading balls, fire wands, swords etc. What is actually healthier is to not put ourselves in the position of having to juggle in the first place. Honoring our needs and our limitations is essential to our well being. If we don’t honor them, our bodies hurt and give us all kinds of signals of disharmony. This leads us into states of illness. If we pay attention to these signals and make the necessary adjustments, we prevent ourselves from getting ill in the first place.

Blessed Be



Gail said...

Ever get the feeling that you'd rather juggle just one ball and leave the rest to take care of themselves?

Trent Deerhorn said...

There was once a Japanese boy who had fragile and dangerous material in three large boxes that he was supposed to deliver to the Emperor who lived across the river. The only way to get to the other side was to carry them across a rope bridge that was high up in the air and wobbled with the wind. The large boxes were very cumbersome. The only way he could cross with them safely was to juggle them as he walked. He was able to successfully deliver the packages. This is a feat that I would, myself, never attempt. I don't do well with juggling too many things. So the Emperor would either have to live with that, or he'd have my head on a platter. Either way, at least I would not have stressed myself out with the juggling act!

Blessed Be