Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Wildlife will find you!

Today, April 15th, 2008, I was sitting out on my high rise balcony, eating my lunch with the cat wandering around at my feet. Suddenly there was a flourish of activity as the cat b-lined it back into the apartment and a huge Red Hawk landed on the railing of the balcony. I was amazed at the beauty and majesty of this exquisite creature, as well as very happy that the cat went back inside.

I sat there for the longest time, talking with my new friend. She was telling me about the abundant hunting grounds that she was finding this spring. Apparently there is an increase in mouse and gopher populations and she is enjoying it. There are also some snakes emerging by the river and she is appreciating that as well.

After a while, she turned herself around, facing out across the river. I was just about to ask her to kindly not make any messes on my balcony floor when she spread her beautiful wings and took off. She flew out and across to the other side of the river and then swooped down into some trees.

It seems that, no matter where I have lived, my connection to wildlife has followed me. I thought this to be quite normal, being a shaman and all. I have had all sorts of birds, coyotes, and even a very lost cougar find their way to where I have lived in the city. But when I moved into this apartment, I was sure that this would be an aspect of my life that was put on hold for a while. Little did I expect that the wild life would find me, even here. I should have known that at least the bird population would find me, considering that we are about 20 stories up. But we don’t get any pigeons or anything, so I was sure that we would not get much of anything else. I stand delightfully corrected.


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